Using the Action Button like A Pro: How to Play Poker Game Online?

Whether you are brushing up your old skills or a novice to a game, playing poker online is something each one of us can master when given the proper tips, guides and time.

If you how poker is being played already, would you like to play poker online sometime? But here comes the real question, which websites should you select to play poker online?

Selecting a website you can trust your money with is not something you should take lightly. To make this decision easy, all you need to do is stick to situs poker online terpopular which are trustworthy.

Play Poker Online: Download the Software

Downloading and installation process is quite easy and completely automated on almost every site. Click on download and install software. Post-installation poker room shall load. Register yourself; select a username and a safe password using letters and numbers.

Money Games vs. Real Games

Most of the sites offer both real games and money games. If you are a novice, it’s advisable to play that website’s money games than risking your money while you learn to play. And if you are already aware of poker, then you are most likely to buy-in. Most of the poker sites offer various methods to make the deposit.

Credit cards, wire transfers, cheques, Firepay, NETeller and Western Union, can be used for making the deposit.

Selecting the Poker Variant and Your Seat at Table

There are many poker variants made available on this online sites. You can choose any of them you like. These sites have broken down different poker tournaments and games into sections with single-click access. If you wish to play seven card stud, you can click on that particular tab. You will see a table, and if any seats are available, you will see a vacant seat.


Upon choosing your seat, you will see a pop-up asking you the amount of money you’d want to bring on the table.

Action Buttons

Buttons will appear on the playing screen when it’s your turn: typically raise, bet, call, or/and fold. Most of the poker sites offer a feature called time-bank. This feature gives you right to make decisions out of your turn. When it’s your turn to act, this feature does it for you.

There’s another feature called auto-post. This feature automatically posts blinds for you. You will have to put your blinds manually every single time if you do not opt for auto-post.

When you fold, raise or bet, keep in mind that all these actions are a single click action. A single click and that is it!

So, be careful about pressing these action buttons.

Playing poker game online might sound a bit complicated but trust me it is not! In fact, it’s very easy and fun. If you have any query or feedback, feel free to comment in the below section!