A Fine Betting Solution: What Makes It Perfect

Before you start betting for real and taking on the competition, you should take the time to learn all the rules and features of online video poker. You will find precisely on this page a list of words, terms and expressions that are likely to appear during your various video poker sessions in online casinos. Knowledge is the key when you want to win in this discipline.

Home advantage

The house advantage or the bank, is a commission formulated as a percentage that the casino takes on the average winnings of the bandarqq player. A house advantage of 2% means that the operator takes a commission in the order of € 2 on every € 100 invested by the player.


  • Sum of money corresponding to the balance available to the player to bet. The bankroll can be viewed at any time from the game screen.


Credits replace traditional chips in online casinos. We can say that these are virtual tokens corresponding to certain amounts of money in cash.


The number of hands the player must put into play before having the chance to hit the jackpot. The cycle is variable depending on the online casinos. Typically, it is between 30,000 and 40,000 hands played.

Full Pay

English expression summarizing the total sum of the payment of winnings paid to the player.

Random number generator

Computer program responsible for fair draws of winning numbers.


  • Card that can borrow any value to allow the player to pocket winnings.


A combination of two to five cards put into play by the player.

Total payment

See Full Pay. In video poker, this mode allows players to win very large wins. Jacks or Better is the most profitable variant of its kind with 9 credits offered for obtaining a Full (addition of a Three of a kind and a Pair).

Pocket rockets

  • English expression denoting a Pair of Aces.

Straight through the stomach

  • Expression referring to a series of cards that can only be ended with a very specific card. This is only the case when the player has the opportunity to perform a Royal Straight Flush or a Royal Straight Flush. A straight up the gut infers that an exchange will be made to acquire the desired missing card.


  • Synonym for joker. Widely used in English speaking online casinos.

You now know the most common expressions in video poker. Do not hesitate to come back to this page if you have any omissions or have doubts about one or more information!