How and When to Bet on your Football Predictions

Now one minute you’re looking to bet £x amount and the next the odds have gone down and you need to put more on.  Now these odds could also go up and you receive better odds for your football predictions. So not only are you dealing with your football betting system and a variable stake planner you’re now looking at the odds on offer. Quite a lot to be thinking about and you’re not always going to get it right but you can reduce the risk.

Should you Bet in Advance?

Betting on a the eighth game before the team has even played the seventh may sound like a good idea. But in reality most bookmakers wouldn’t give good odds, if at all so early on. You would have to be following a pretty good betting system that gives you your football predictions which have that sort of accuracy. Not only that, say you’re using a betting system such as the home win method this would indeed show up teams very early on possibly before several matches had even played. But what happens if a player gets injured, confidence problems or a manager does indeed get sacked! These influences would make your original football predictions less safe than they once were and maybe also highlight that you’ve not got a betting mindset.

Should you Bet Close to Kick Off?

The big disadvantage of betting on your football prediction just before kick off is that it is likely that you have missed a trick on the bookmakers inaccuracies. Football betting is partly capitalising on the bookmaker’s mistakes and getting those extras £s before they’ve reduced it. Another consideration is websites crashing and whilst they are far more reliable than they previously were, this is still fairly common especially in times of heavy service demands (Right before kick off),. They might not have lost all service but it may have slowed or it just may be impossible to place your bet.

So when should you bet?

No hard fast rules and entirely down to the individual but if you follow these simple rules you’ll be ok. Bet on a match early enough to possibly take advantage of inaccuracies. Yet keeping it late enough so that your betting system has been given as much data as possible to give you your football predictions. This means you’d probably be betting early week if not on mid week matches to take advantage of bookmakers mistakes for the following weekend. These are rough guidelines and you should always be looking for value betting on your football predictions but to start with you may want to follow the guidelines discussed here at