How smartphones have changed gaming forever

When cell phones first made the move from being solely methods of communication to micro-computers in your pocket, noone ever expected it to change how video games would be perceived. However, over the last 10 years, the video game world has undergone huge changes and a lot of this is down to smartphones. We’ve looked at how smartphones have had an impact on gaming and have grown into the largest market segment for gaming as a whole.

Online casinos

This is one of the biggest areas for mobile gaming. With lots of different smartphone apps for online casinos, it means that players have more choice than ever before when playing online casinos on mobile devices. In fact, you’re able to select some of the best NJ online casinos if you want to play on mobile, which really does improve the quality of choice available to players.

What online casinos have done is made it possible for players to easily access the wide variety of games no matter where they are. This is something that was never believed possible, especially when the initial online casinos required huge downloads to operate. In the modern world, they are truly available everywhere, which has helped them to become one of the most popular forms of gaming around.

Casual games

These are probably the most used form of mobile gaming that’s on the market at the moment. Games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds have become a worldwide phenomenon due to the casual gaming market. Casual games are usually an extremely simple premise that then provides players with a constant opportunity to play. The huge number of levels combined with the simple gameplay means that this is the gaming equivalent of a musical earworm.

Casual games make up a big part of the gaming market now and are the reason that female gamers now make up the majority of gamers across the whole of the gaming market. This has obviously had a big impact on gaming as traditionally gaming was a market that was dominated by males. Casual games continue to be released regularly as well which has helped it to become such a popular gaming niche.

High-quality games

This is perhaps the next step in smartphones taking over the gaming market. Because smartphones are more powerful than they have ever been in the past, it means that players have access to some of the most impressive phone games ever.

This is something that is improving over time. As game developers get used to what phones can offer them, the quality of games is increasing at a rapid rate. While it’s not possible now, we could see smartphones as the dominant gaming system for players in the future. This is also made more likely by the way that smartphone technology is improving at a faster rate than video game hardware. So, there is the possibility that smartphones could become more powerful than the latest consoles.