Kiu Kiu(Qui Qui) gambling game is one of the traditional games in Indonesia, mostly played by card poker gamers all over the world. It’s a domino card game for fun and at the same time money making game. It’s mostly preferred than other gambling games in casino due to its less number of rules. This makes it easy to play which is a big advantage for the player. The game can be played online using online gambling sites like and using online apps on your smartphone.



You need to create an account by depositing into the official trusted gambling site in Indonesia. You will be eligible for sign-up bonus and a deposit bonus according to the site’s terms. Creating an account with your username and password helps to log into your gambling account.

Card arrangement

For you to win in Kiu Kiu online uang asli, you need to understand the way to hold your cards, arranging them from the lowest card value to the highest card value. This aids in making the correct move for a higher probability to win.

How to win

The simplest way to earn in this platform is by using referral links. By signing in using a referral link, gives you a bonus as well as to the person who invited you. You can make much more by inviting your friends to register using your link and use the bonus to play the game.

The other way is by making moves using your cards. This game uses four cards(domino). The number of players ranges from two to six. Every player is given four cards in a round. To win you will have to have the highest combination 9-9, among the players. In case of a tie, the number of dots on the cards are counted which determines the winner of the game. Practising more gives confidence on how to make quality moves towards your winning.

Tips to make winnings

You need to have a good concentration so as you can make a good focus of the game.

You should have a good stock of your money to help you to keep playing for a better understanding of the rules and in gaining confidence. This helps in winning a great fortune in poker uang asli.

Following your instinct. If you feel you are not in the mood to play or feel like you need to stop, you should not doubt yourself at any point. This is gambling and mostly is by luck

Being patient with yourself. You may lose in a row without making any winning. You might be favoured by luck next round and make a big winning. Gambling is all about patience.

Be observative. Learn from others. There are experienced players in the game. Try to learn the strategies they used to make winnings in the game. Try to adopt them but be careful not to go hard on yourself. Understand it takes time to reach the mastery level in everything.

Have fun in a hasty manner. Budget your money and avoid making loses that will affect the other parts of your life. Try not to be a gambling addict. Good luck.