Mega888 – The Queen`s passion

Queen Elizabeth II has anything and everything one desire under the sun, name fame, money. But, contrasting to other renowned people, she has a unique passion centered on horses and horse racing. From the tender age of four, she started having riding lessons on her Shetland pony named Peggy. At six, she was an expert horse rider. The Racing table was a staple reading on the breakfast table, which is a daily newspaper publishing horse race results and critics. Being the Queen of England, it is natural she would have several hired hands to take care of the horses. But her love for the animals brings her to the Royal Stud stable once a year.

It is assumed she owns thirty premier quality horses, which is insignificant compared to other horse breeding moguls. But it shows the queen`s passion for horses. Her love and passion for horses is evident from the gusto of horse racing and breeding. In addition, she is well informed about the health and wellness of the horses in the royal stable. Insiders acknowledge if she were not the queen, she would have been an outstanding horse trainer. But you need not a king or queen for horse race betting; log on to mega888 download to place your bet.

$9.5 million comes from horses

Horse racing has become so popular all elite sports betting portals offer fixtures and opportunities to bet on all major horse racing events around the world. Horse racing is popular in the UK, and the royal family has a significant role in it. Queen Elizabeth II with worth around $550 million is the wealthiest monarch in Europe. Government revenue and property incomes constitute most of her fortune. With such mammoth disposable wealth, her passion for horses is not limited to the hobby. Additional revenue of around $9.5 million comes from horses. From 1988 to 20017, horses owned by the queen participated in two thousand eight hundred thirty races and won four hundred fifty-one races, meaning a strike rate of 16% for the period.

She gathered a mass of $9.5 million from these wins, making the empress eleventh most successful horse owner on the turf. One of the most successful years was 2016 when the queen earned over $775,000 from horse racing. She keeps a good perspective of the wins and losses of the races and always remains optimistic about the future. The monarch s never melancholy about the losses and lives in the present moments; instead, she keeps a level headed and pragmatic approach towards sports.

Royal Ascot

From mega888 download, you can bet on the Royal Ascot; it is a thoroughbred five-day horse race carnival. There are many horse racing events in the UK, but nothing is as royal as the Royal Ascot. The racecourse is situated twenty-five miles from London and was established in 1711 by Queen Anne. The queen is always present in the elite horse race event and enjoys the sports immensely. A spectator of about 300,000 gathers to watch the thrilling race, and the queen arrives in a horse-driven carriage before the commencement of the race.