Offshore Gambling In SE Asia Is Escalating 

Southeast Asian countries are embracing online casinos, as they offer lucrative odds and generous welcome and other bonuses. Many citizens of other countries are also registering in these online casinos, as gambling is prohibited in their native land. Offshore betting has provided much-awaited opportunities to these citizens. The government policy on gambling on the Southeast Asian counties is becoming more structured and transparent. Online mobile casino apps like xe88 apk are downloaded by millions; exhibiting online, and offshore gambling has penetrated to remotest area of this region.

Many premier and trustworthy online casinos allow punters to register with a minimum amount, and provide round the clock friendly, supportive customer service. The live stream of videos is of brilliant quality with detailed graphics and crisp, clear audio. The low deposit makes these online casino sites more accessible to lower-income rural and urban people, those who cannot afford to visit exquisite, elite brick and mortar casinos.

The flourishing online casinos have transformed the economy of these countries, proving a lot of employment and generating generous revenues. There are more than 50 offshore gambling entities in the Philippines, escalating the property prices and surging urbanization. The estimated revenue from the online gambling industry in the Philippines is around 10billion pesos /$91 million in the coming year.

Adapting modern technology

Since its inception, online casinos have been targeted by cybercriminals and hackers. 29 Hong Kong-based online casinos were jeopardized with DDoS (denial of service) attacks for two weeks. In these types of cyberattacks, the hacker tries to endanger the server of the website with an overwhelming visitor visit. These cyber-attacks are done for the sole purpose of money extortion. Once the hacker takes control of the website, the person demands a ransom to end the onslaught. Most prestigious and premier online casinos like xe88 apk, are targeted because they have the resource to pay the large payment demanded. Website interference, even for few hours, leads to significant financial loss, so these online casinos succumb to these demands.

Before the online websites start offering their services to the public, it undergoes a stringent regulatory process. The Philippines are the only country in Southeast Asia that provides gambling license, to companies who want to carry business in this region. PAGCOR (The Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation) is a state-owned body which regulates land-based casinos of the country. FCLRC (First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation provide e- gaming license in Cagayan special economic zone. POGO (The Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) is the third regulatory body qualified to issue a license to online gambling websites. Till the second half of 2018,55 operators are granted a permit by this regulatory body. These regulators ensure fair play and settle any disputes between operators and players. They supervise complains, analyze software, RNG, and player exclusion mechanism.

Online gambling flourishing industry

The revenue from the online gambling industry is steadily rising in recent years. Japan is also a major player in the Asian gambling industry after it legalized three casinos in the form of integrated resorts in July 2018. But online gambling is still prohibited, but players are indulging in casino games through providers situated at other countries.