Online Poker Common Mistakes That Can Be Avoided Easily

Today’s poker world has levelled up its competition because of its online format where thousands or perhaps millions of poker players slowly shifting from the conventional ways of playing poker to using handheld devices such as smartphones to play their favourite card game and nowadays, every little thing counts.

It is considered important to fix your game in order for you to increase your profits in a long-term manner, and it is the smallest differences that separate good and competitive players from the professional poker players that is why our friends from main domino 99 put up together the most important tips to avoid these common mistakes online poker players make in any given online poker game.

  1. Missing the value bet- This is the most common mistake and probably the worst one to commit. Even though you are too confident that you assume that your opponent missed the river bet, there are chances that you also lost your minimum. Missing the value bet puts yourself in a position where you missed a value bet that is why it is important for you to have a good read on your opponent and do not miss the bet due to a very competitive table. A missed value bet will cost you 25-per cent of your profit margin.
  2. Calling out your weaker ace- There is a common situation that you can see among amateurs that they usually call down the veteran online poker players by their weaker ace. It is important for you to consider that having a top pair which has a lesser kicker is usually not the nuts, and also remember that if your opponents are betting big, assuming that they do not bluff, it is still important to fold your ace by your turn.
  3. Bluffing the donk- In the world of poker regardless if it is physical or through online, bluffing the donk is a term used by most poker players in describing a mediocre players’ foolish try to outsmart beginners. Just put yourself in a situation that you come up with the perfect bluff only to find out that your opponent to recklessly to call you down with an untimely folding, well it is actually your responsibility to predict and get an estimation of your opponent’s capability and calling range. A good online poker player will never make a difficult bluff to a beginner because of unpredictability.
  4. Overcalling small pocket pairs- This is a pre-flop mistake where you overcall someone’s small pocket pairs which is a common blunder for many players. They commit this mistake with the hopes to hit their set and cash in big time that is why it is pretty important to study the only hit you are set on the flop by approximating once in eleven times.
  5. Psyched by opponents- Poker, regardless if it is online or played physically is a tactical and psychological game, but a lot of poker players let their opponents get in their minds that they are hypnotized and are very easy to get tricked.

These common mistakes can easily be avoided if you stop doing this, or perhaps not make it a habit.