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When considering bets for Over Under 2.5 goals, consider the frequency of results, not the average of goals. The average of goals may be important if the sample size is high. The problem is that even with a sample size of more than 10 games, one or more different results can distort this average.

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Take into account the frequency of results in Over Under 2.5.

Consider the following:

  • In Premier League Hull City have played 13 away matches, with 34 goals scored in total. This gives an average greater than 2.6 goals scored per game.
  • In the Over Under 2.5 Goals market, 10bet is paying the same odds for both markets in Hull’s next away game. Is it tempting to bet on over?

Maybe so, but don’t bet

Because in just five of those thirteen games the line of over 2.5 goals came in. And as you saw, two of these games had very high scores (5-1 and 6-1). These two irregular results greatly distorted this average , which would be 1.90 goals in the other 11 games.

  • What seemed like an excellent opportunity to bet on over 2.5 goals is suddenly no more.
  • So while goal averaging is quite useful with a large sample, it is generally best to track the frequency of the results.

Above, which is not an example, Hull City had an average greater than 2.6 goals in 13 matches as a visitor. However, in just five games the line of over 2.5 goals came in. This is an average of less than half of the games played.

Even if the average is greater than 2.6 goals per game, would you feel comfortable knowing that the frequency of the results is the opposite of which you want to bet? Probably not. There are a certain number of games to consider (at least 10), and the frequency of results is more important than the average of goals. In case of the 먹튀 폴리스 site betting this is very important.

And when did the season just start?

If you are considering betting on Brazilian football in the over under 2.5 goals market now, the game sampling is small and so is the frequency. But be sure to bet if you think something is good. Our advice is to take into account the game history of each team from last season, but always give more value to the games of the current season. Judge your bet also according to how you view teams, whether they are offensive or not. With low sampling, 4 total goals in two games does not mean the team plays in the rebound.