Three reasons why Tether is used in sports betting

Sports betting is not just a gambling hobby of fans, but a whole industry with its own rules. For a long time, all bets went through bookmakers and specialized exchanges, and the bettors were a relatively small group of people. However, the development of digital technologies has brought online betting to a new level.

With the advent of betting, anyone can bet on a particular outcome of the game without leaving home. Digital currencies have made this process even easier. Cryptocurrency payments attract users with their decentralization, anonymity, lack of large commissions and speed.

Today, betting platforms work with different cryptocurrencies, but USDT remains the main means of payment in sports betting after Bitcoin. It’s more popular than Monero sports betting, Litecoin sports betting, etc.

Why did this cryptocurrency not only become on a par with traditional means of payment, but is used in bets much more often than most of other digital assets? Of course, one of the main advantages of USDT is its larg capitalization already inspires much more trust among users than even the most popular altcoins.

The safety of funds plays one of the primary roles for any user, investor, entrepreneur, therefore, here the Tether cryptocurrency outperforms other digital assets.

Another important advantage of USDT is its rapid spread as a payment instrument. With USDT, you can already buy completely different things – from plane tickets to real estate. This means that, in the event of a successful bet, the winnings can be spent without going through the laborious procedure of converting to fiat. Alas, most altcoins in practice can be applied far from everywhere. Of course, the degree of acceptance of Tether in this regard is also far from fiat money, but every month it expands its horizons as a means of payment.

The use of Tether for sports betting is still associated with another significant advantage – no price volatility. 

In addition, betting platforms often offer a variety of options on how to make cryptocurrency bets profitable primarily for the bettors themselves. For example, 1xBit holds a BitCup tournament for the World Cup, where, in addition to the usual bet, platform users can also participate in daily drawings of cryptocurrencies and other bonuses.

Thus, Tether as a means of payment among other digital assets in sports betting has a number of undeniable advantages, which determine its unconditional leadership among bettors. However, one should not neglect the risks that any player who has not sufficiently studied the nature of digital currencies and the market as a whole may face. And in this, the world of rates is quite similar to the world of cryptocurrencies – both of them require analytical skills from their participants, involvement in ongoing processes and, of course, a real interest in this area.