Are Smartphones the New Slot Machines?

If our ancestors of the early 20th century had smartphones, the slot machines might not have had come a long journey. Because then the smartphone would steal the show over the slot machine.

None of the smartphone architects would have thought that the gadget will be subject to heavy addiction. The addiction reached a plane of crescendo with the advent of social media conveniently accessible on the smartphone. That stirred the human desire to keep posted about the updates and news happening on social media. And that leads to an excessive amount of screen time.

The excessive screen time brings hazardous results to your overall health. Scientists have come up with various consequences of the excessive screen time. One major consequence if brain damage. Parents should take note of it, as children are the ones mostly addicted to the smartphone screen.

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Worse scenario is that most people find it hard to be without their smartphone close by. Psychologists call this nomophobia (no-mobile). You feel anxious when the phone is not with you, because of that nagging feeling: disconnected from the world. The danger of this phenomenon is that you will be more disconnected with the world around you when the smartphone is there. You will gradually cease the physical contacts with your loved ones and switch to the virtual world of the smartphone and stay glued there. This has more negative aspects than positive ones.

For instance, you will become less and less sociable, when you confine your relationship to the virtual relationships. And that has a serious impact on your memory power. The smartphones come with apps that take the memory burden out of you and would do most tasks for you. That makes you more dependent on the smartphone. If you cannot use handwriting to elaborate something, that means you are on the verge of health deterioration. Be careful!

The smartphone has a more dangerous side than its resourceful aspect. It is not the fault of the device. Since humans naturally have a tendency to turn to the evil, they see a smartphone as an ideal device to fulfill that aspiration.

Online gaming is one major disaster happening in the smartphone industry. The foremost reason is that they are hugely addictive. When a smartphone becomes the new slot machine is poses a heavier risk than the actual slot machine. The actual slot machine requires you to physically be there. You cannot of course do that at any time of the day. The smartphone is always lying there with you at your beck and call. If you are someone who easily gives in for temptation, you will end up playing the slot machine almost every time. Remember, many people lose millions because of online gaming. Twenty-somethings are losing millions playing slots on their phones.

More than losing millions, the worst aspect is that when you become an addict. An addict would never care for money, because he cares about only one thing: addiction.

The smartphones are the smartest tools when it comes to convenience. But remember it comes with a price. Excessive screen time, smartphone addiction and online gaming are three fierce devils that will take a huge toll on your life. Visit the website of writer’s choice to get more insights on the dangers of smartphone addiction.