Different Categories of Online Casino Games Players Can Enjoy

 Gambling is a fun game full of thrill and excitement. It is not always about winning but can help to swing up your mood. The different kinds of casino games can be sorted into 3 main categories –

  1. Table games include all the card games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Sometimes it includes dice games like roulette and craps.
  2. Lottery games include scratch tickets, keno, and bingo.
  3. Electronic games include video poker and slots.


Most popular and loved game originated from China. It is available in basically, all the land-based and online casinos. In this game, there is a pot placed in the center. The player bets in it. The one who wins owns the pot. There is plethora of variations in poker but main strategy to play is same for each.


In Bingo, luck is crucial. The numbers are drawn randomly, so no strategy can be applied to win it. Every player holds one card. The number of cards needs to match with the one caller draws.


Just put a coin in the slot machine and press a button to spin the reels. Online casino has 3 – 5 simulated wheels. As soon as the wheel stops spinning, the player gets paid on the basis of symbols arrangement.


Player gets card numbered from 1 to 80. He chooses maximum 20 numbers and bets. Card gets registered and game starts. Caller announces randomly drawn 20 numbers. The more matching numbers are called the higher the winning amount gets paid against the bet to the player.


This is a game of chance and destiny. It is played between dealer and player. There is a pack including 52 cards. If you desire to win then complete score of 21 and challenge the dealer. If score gets beaten then you get busted or eliminated from game. With proper skills the player can directly surpass the game outcome by decreasing house edge size to minimum.


When playing roulette technical strategies can be applied but outcomes cannot be influenced like blackjack. Roulette is pure gambling form totally defines luck.


A complicated but most loved game. It is a dice game, where different kinds of bets can be made on the results of two rolled dice.

The list of casino games is endless. Check the game arcade and choose a game you are interested in and start wagering!