Guide to Play Capsa

If you have developedan interest in playing card games, then try out the Capsa option which has gained huge popularity. In the initial stage you might find a little difficult to cope up, but eventually, you will start enjoying it. Capsa is different from the old card game techniques. Now you can even enjoy poker games from your smartphone without downloading. Capsa is an interesting game which is highly popular in the Southeast Asian counties, especially Indonesia. It can be played by anyone, anywhere. Capsa stacking is loaded with a lot of fun-based games and is in high demand.

How to play

Unlike other card games, playing Capsa is much easier and profitable too. Here are the simple steps that can help you grasp the process of cara bermain Capsa faster:

  • You require a set of 52 cards without the Joker
  • 52 cards are distributed to the four players each having 13 cards
  • The cards should be placed on three rows or lines, 1st row with 3 cards, 2nd row with 5 cards and 3rd row with 5 cards
  • The bottommost arrangement of card should have a bigger combination than the middle card and the middle card should have a higher combination than the top card
  • While arranging the cards try and match it with the other players
  • While playing it is advised that you take wise decisions fast
  • The player having the strongest set is the winner (here the highest card is 2 and the lowest is 3). If you go by the shapes then lowest is the spade and highest is diamond.

Attractive features

This new age game offers a range of exciting features like:

  • Quick login without any kind of registration
  • You can chat with the customer care executives and resolve your queries instantly
  • The interactive tools of the game make it even more exciting to play
  • You can play against millions of expert players
  • You get the opportunity to buy exciting gifts and present them to other friends as well
  • The soothing classic songs gives you the experience of the original casino
  • Chance to win millions of coins

Play online

The modern concept of playing the card games online is one of the prime reasons behind the rising popularity of the Capsa games. It is a boon for those who love gambling but don’t have any real casinos nearby. With this technologically advanced concept, you can now play these online gambling games conveniently from any of location through your pc, laptop or smartphone.With the gadget prices becoming affordable day by day, you can afford to buy them and enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. It is an interesting way to kill time and also to earn real money. Before you start playing the game, you should have a fair idea about carabermainCapsa and invite your friends to play. One important factor is, you should always opt for a trusted site to play such online games.