– Viet Nam Lottery

Nowadays, the Lottery becomes more and more popular. In any country, you can easily see the Lottery tickets are sold widely and publicly in Lottery stalls or sellers on the street.

However, each country has it’s owner way to play it.


Viet Nam Lottery appeared in 1962 and started with the traditional lottery which was published widely at all provinces. Now, there are three main branches of the National Lottery under the Ministry of Finance: the Southern Lottery Council, Northern Lottery Council, and the Central Lottery Council. Viet Nam traditional Lottery has variety in form. There are 3 form: Lotto game, The Digits lottery game and Quick draw game.The Lotto Game is the most played game in the Vietnam Lottery, that as much as 40 percent of the total lottery revenue comes from this. Many locals and even foreigners play the lotto game because it is relatively easy to play. This entails players to choose their numbers and the prize depends on how many numbers match. If no one wins the jackpot, it is rolled over to the next draw so the prize can really go up to billions! The Digits lottery game is a more modern form of lottery and is most popular worldwide. This accounts for about 7 percent of the total lottery revenue of Vietnam. In this form of lottery, players choose numbers between 0 and 9 to create a winning combination.Also known worldwide as Keno, this quick lottery game is also a crowd favourite among the Vietnamese, accounting for about 6 percent of the total lottery revenue. This has more frequent draws so it is highly preferred by avid lottery players.


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The quick draw game is an easy game to play despite having various prize structures. The players only have to choose their preferred numbers and select the amount they want to bet.


They have to bet before the draws start. Draws are sometimes within several minutes only so it would not be unusual to see lottery bettors waiting in lottery stalls for the draw. The result is also announced in difirent times. The Northern Lottery result will live at 6.15 pm everyday, the Southern Lottery is 4.15 pm and the Central one is 5.15 pm.


With the development of Lottery, one more type of it apperes recently. It’s Vietlott.

Vietlott has 3 forms of randomly selected. Firstly is Mega Lottery 6/45, opens on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Secondly is Max 4D Lottery, opens on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the last form is Power Lottery 6/55, has the same time with the Max 4D Lottery.


Many years from beginning, Viet Nam Lottery is not only a entertaining service but also a way to gain the benefit for Government. Hopefully it will develop popularly in the future !


To get more information, you can go to the website: It’s fully of what you need to know, rules and how to play. All the thing is explained clearly and you can get more award in it. Let’s enjoy wih this website !