NFL betting

NFL betting is fun, there’s no way around it – but have you ever faced any difficulties of how to follow the sport and know what kind of bets you are making? Well the ones with “who’s going to win” -type of bets are pretty easy, but how about player specials? If someone is to tell you, that there’s a bet of “How many total rushing yards will the Pats RB complete during the first quarter”. Translated: How many yards will the running back of New England Patriots run with the ball during the first 15 minutes of the game”.

Betting on NFL is exciting, but if you’re not living inside North America, it’s pretty hard to stay on top of things, especially everything related to the National Football League. Well I guess you could still live in States, but you could be in a position where you actually don’t know anything about NFL. If you’re looking to get into NFL betting, memorize these terms and you’ll make the most out of your bets related to player specials!

Know the positions

Knowing what each position means is very, very important. If you know what each position is, you’ll know what formations counter it, and you know what strategies and playbooks different teams are using. If for example you know that the other team has a elite running backs, it’s probably wise to check if the team you’re betting on has a solid defense, otherwise this RB will tear the defensive line during the whole match.

It’s no secret that the most important position is the quarterback who together with the coach is making all the decisions. QB’s role is to control everything that happens on the pitch, and if you’re Tom Brady (a.k.a the G.O.A.T), you’ll win games just by yourself. The most common positions for players are: Quarterback, Running back, Tight end, Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Full back, Defensive lineman, Offensive lineman.

One player can change it all

When analyzing NFL bets, make sure you know the starting roster for each game you’re evaluating. Like pitchers on baseball, the superstars of NFL teams (QB and WR) will make or break a game. If you’re best wide receiver is missing, you should always be careful what bets you’re going to place, as without a proper wide receiver, it’s extremely hard to gain yardage by throwing the football, and teams have to rely on their running game.

Maximize your potential wins

Maximizing your potential wins is easy. You just need to make sure you’re using the latest bonuses and free bets before placing any bets. Betting is already a fun hobby, but it gets WAY more funnier if you add some extra leverage to your bets through sportsbook bonuses.

Good luck, and may the bet gods be with you!