Playing the Game of Columbus Deluxe

Columbus Deluxe, the game from Novomatic is a great casino game that attracts gamblers from all over the world. The game is a fond remembrance of Columbus, who discovered America. The slot game has an attractive design with various scatters.

Game Features

It has 10 pay lines and 5 reels. It has great symbols and bonus games. The free spins attract players to the game. The scatter symbol, the wild symbol are other features of the game. The Scatter symbols are named after the ships of Columbus. They are Nina, Santa Maria and Pinta. These scatters are required to avail the free spin. The free spins are not easy to get, as you need the scatters on 1 3 5 reels.  However, the freespins come with more scatters to give greater wins. The game is fast with high variances. If you have 2 identical symbols side by side, you can win. Other games require many, while it is just 2 in Columbus Deluxe. There are many base games that you can win easily and which are easy to play. The payouts are good if you are a winner.

The Game of Symbols

The game has great animations. The theme related features are the four symbols. They are the sextant, Columbus, a lady, who is considered as Queen Isabella and the gold necklace. The wild symbol is Columbus. The game has one bonus game which is the free spin. The ships become gold in the free spin and if you get three of them, you can get some more free spins. The winning characters have to be placed in a winning combination on the reels. The simple design has great quality which is found in all of Novomatic games. Guessing the next card as red or black will help in doubling the win. Of course, if you guess wrong, you lose it all. That is gambling and that is the thrill that draws players into the game. Spinning the wheel is manual and not automatic.

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