The largest casinos in the world.

All gamblers knows how it is essential to visit some elegant casinos and dive in into a world full of luxurious commodities as you get to win. Many people just assume that the best casinos are in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas but that is necessarily true because luxurious casinos can be found all over the world. Having said that, ever thought which is the largest casino in the world? We hope this list will help you find a casino that you might want to visit one day.

  • WinStar world casino in Oklahoma, US.

The casino is currently the world’s largest covering an area of 600, 000 square feet. It is a casino and a resort opened in 2004 as WinStar casino but when it was expanded, it was renamed to WinStar world casino in 2009. It is a very luxurious place and definitely one of the most elegant gambling destinations.

  • The Venetian, Macao.

The casino covers a ground of 550, 000 square feet and it actually consist more than 6000 slot machines and about 870 tables. Before WinStar, this casino used to be the largest in the world since it was built in 2007. The casino has elegant designs and some people even call it a paradise of gamblers. The gaming areas are divided into four, the red dragon, the imperial house, the imperial fish and the phoenix. Accommodation is available and it has the capacity of holding international awards, concerts and other sporting activities. It is a gambling destination that you should consider visiting.

  • City of dreams, Macao.

Yet another elegant gambling destination in Macao. Opened in 2009, the casino covers 420, 000 square feet making it the 3rd largest casino in the world. The casino has about 450 gaming tables, 1515 slot machines, 4 hotels and more than 20 restaurants. There is more to the casino than just gambling. The city of dreams is a tourist attraction and you can be sure of having ultimate fun while you are there.

  • Foxwood resort Casino, US.

Occupying a space of 340,000 square feet, Foxwood is the 4th largest casino in the world. It has been around for quite some time having been opened in 1986. The casino have more than 7,000 slot machines that you can choose from and over 400 tables. Various types of games like baccarat, poker, blackjack and others are available for the gamers to choose from. There are around 29 restaurants and bars and you can visit any for your comfort. There are also some entertainment ventures which sometimes are hosted by amazing artists like Alicia keys.

  • Casino Ponte 16, Macao.

This impressive gambling venture covers a ground of 270, 000 square feet making it the 5th largest casino in the world. The casino has 109 gaming tables and has over 300 slot machines. It has a unique structure and it accommodation is available. All the popular games are available and it is well known for its entertainment.

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